//Free Trial to MarketLine Advantage

Free Trial to MarketLine Advantage

MarketLine Advantage is a multi-disciplinary online database for a wide variety of content like industry and company reports or case studies.

MarketLine Advantage supports the theories learned in class by providing practical examples such as industry case studies, your students will have a better understanding of your chosen topic, delivering better quality assignments.

The platform also intuitively links case studies with companies and industry reports so your students are encouraged to read around a subject, build a deeper understanding of the topic and achieve better grades overall.

Because MarketLine Advantage offers the Ask An Analyst tool and the platform is so easy to use, students will typically find what they need with relative ease. This means fewer queries for you to manage, and less time spent on lesson preparation. Freeing up more time for private projects/papers.

MarketLine Advantage news, analyst insight and case studies provide current and topical content across a wide variety of industry sectors, this can help you to develop new courses that will attract more students and also identify trends in your specialist area and provide ideas for future research projects likely to secure funding.

Access MarketLine on campus from 10-17 January 2018 from: http://advantage.marketline.com/home

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