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Copy & Print

Students have access to photocopying and printing services within the GMIT Library campuses. Find out how to avail of these services below.

Web Printing

Before you can copy or print you must first credit your account. Students credit their account for photocopying and printing using the top-up kiosks.

You can check your printing balance in two ways:

  • By logging into the top-up kiosks located in the Library print/copy room and downstairs outside the IT Centre. Once you have successfully logged in using your GMIT e​​mail address and password your credit balance will automatically be displayed.
  • You can also check your account balance from your PC by selecting the “show hidden icons” button on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen and selecting the Euro symbol.

All PCs located within the library are connected to a networked printer.

Printing Costs

  • A4 Black & White – 10c
  • Duplex Black & White – 20c
  • A4 Colour – 20c
  • Colour Duplex – 40c
  • A3 Black & White – 20c
  • A3 Colour – 40c

If you are copying on to acetates, please make sure to ask a staff member for help prior to starting to copy.

Acetates must be purchased at the library issue desk for the colour copier at a cost of 40c.

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