Copy & Print

Students have access to photocopying and printing services within the GMIT Library campuses. Find out how to avail of these services below.

Multifunctional devices for printing, photocopying and scanning, and a credit kiosk are available in the library.

Printing and photocopying are paid for with a credit system. Please top-up at the credit kiosk next to the multifunctional devices.

Black & white printing/photocopying costs 10c per page / Colour printing/photocopying: 20c per page.

Please note you can scan to your email address for free.

 To Print for a PC in the Library

  1. User logs on to Desktop PC using and their network password.
  2. From here, when the user wants to print, they simply choose Pull Print – Black and White OR Pull Print Colour as the designated printer.(Note: Default is set to Black and White Pull Print).
  3. Once the job is sent to either the B&W or the Colour Pull Print Queue, go the print room just inside the library entrance and login to one of the multifintion devices using the same credentials as logging into the PC.
  4. Touch the screen to releas the print job – the user is not charged until job is released.

To Print from a Mobile Device

Android users will need to go Google Play store and iPhone users will need to go to Apple’s App Store, then search for Everyone Print to find the app – once they have downloaded it, they will be able to print from your devices via Everyone Print. Upon first launch, the app must establish a connection to the EveryonePrint Mobile Gateway.

1. User must manually enter details below for the Host and Port Host: Port: 9444

2. User should then choose Test Connection and then choose Save/Use It.

3. Once connection has been established for the first time, the user will be prompted to register using their regular network credentials (i.e. Student Number and Password).

4. Once this is completed, the user can choose Pick File to Print, browse to file and simply choose Black and White Pull Print or Colour Pull Print as the designated printer.

5. Once the job is sent to either the B&W or the Colour Pull Queue, it will sit there until it’s released using the Embedded Software Terminal on any of the Ricoh MFDs(Multi Function Devices).

Before you can copy or print you must first credit your account. Students credit their account for photocopying and printing using the top-up kiosks.

You can check your printing balance in two ways:

  • By logging into the top-up kiosks located in the Library print/copy room and downstairs outside the IT Centre. Once you have successfully logged in using your GMIT e​​mail address and password your credit balance will automatically be displayed.
  • You can also check your account balance from your PC by selecting the “show hidden icons” button on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen and selecting the Euro symbol.
Web Printing