Special Collections

Uncover restricted materials held at your campus Library and get access to Library archives.


Located at the Galway campus the Archive room houses collections of rare books on a variety of subject areas, with many in fragile condition. The archive room also houses a large collection of GMIT memorabilia. You can discover the collection using Search + Find .

Materials are available upon request and for viewing under supervision in our reading room.

The Reverend Professor Enda McDonagh Collection

Enda McDonagh very generously donated his entire personal library to the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology library in Mayo. The collection is available for consultation to bona fide researchers, subject to signing a confidentiality agreement and subject to the conditions of access governing consultation of archival material at GMIT Library.

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The Western Theological Trust Collection

The Western Theological Trust (WTT) Collection amounts to some 21,000. The collection is placed on trust to GMIT Library by the Western Theological Institute whose interests were the founding of a good religious library in the West of Ireland.

Incorporated with the WTT collection is the O’Dea collection. The O’Dea collection amounts to over 4,500 volumes, donated to GMIT library by Galway Cathedral in 2000.