Reciprocal Affiliations

Information about reciprocal library memberships

Staff and students can take advantage of using other libraries to support their research.

Connacht Ulster - Affiliates

Connacht Ulster Alliance Reciprocal Borrowing

The library has a reciprocal borrowing initiative in place with our Connacht Ulster Alliance library colleagues.

  • GMIT staff and students can borrow two items for one week from IT Sligo or Letterkenny IT.
  • Two renewals on items will be possible and the items must be returned to the IT from which they were borrowed.
  • Application forms can be filled out online and returned to GMIT or the other participating libraries.
NUI Galway - Affiliates

GMIT / NUIG Reciprocal Library Membership

All current GMIT staff and postgraduate students will be granted external user access to the NUI Galway, James Hardiman Library,which entitles them to:

  1. Access the James Hardiman Library at NUI Galway
  2. Borrow up to 6 items for 4 weeks which is equivalent to SCONUL Band A
  3. A ccess online library resources on a limited number of PCs located in the library
  • To avail of this service you will have to apply 1 day in advance to GMIT library. GMIT will forward your details to NUIG and you can attend NUIG on the following day.
  • Present yourself at the information desk in the James Hardiman library with your GMIT ID card. NUIG will then issue you with a NUIG ID card that will enable you to use the library.
  • NUIG library rules and procedures will apply for NUIG material and it is important to point out that NUIG may charge for overdue fines etc.
  • Please ensure you ask for information on their library policy.
  • All items borrowed from NUIG will have to be returned by you by the due date. Lost items will have to be paid for.

This is a pilot project scheme providing reciprocal access for post graduate students and staff between the libraries of GMIT and NUIG.

Marine Institute / GMIT Libraries Reciprocal Access Scheme

The reciprocal access scheme is open to staff and students of both institutions.

  • Patrons will have external borrower status in both libraries.
  • Patrons can borrow two items and keep them for one week with the possibility of two renewals.
  • Library rules will apply, e.g. fines for overdue items, payment for lost items.
  • Application forms can completed in GMIT libraries.