Due to Covid 19, the library is closed until March 30th, subject to further consideration…

but don’t panic you can still access all the library’s resources online…

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Accessing Library Collections:

Access to the Library’s Search + Find, and other online resources are all freely accessible 24/7 from library.gmit.ie.

All online electronic library collections are accessible off campus (remotely from your own device), including:

e-Books (over 220,000)

e-Journals (over 450,000)

e-magazine and research articles (millions…)

e-Papers (local and national newspapers)

Past exam papers (for revision purposes)


GMIT staff and students should use their GMIT login credentials to access these resources off campus.


Borrowing and returning of, or access to, physical collections is not possible while the institute is closed. Library users are able to renew items already on loan by logging in to their Library Account – however, you will not be fined for overdue items on your account for the days the institute is closed.



Library Services:

Limited staff assistance is available online during normal working hours via email and social media channels.

Email library@gmit.ie

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Online help tools are available from the library support area, including LibGuides (online subject and information guides), tutorials and podcasts.



Document Supply Service:

A limited (online only) Document Supply Service (Inter-library loans) from other libraries is available, depending on the affected global regions, and the availability of services in our partner libraries. Such requests are only available from partner libraries who supply a scanned, digital copy of requested library materials, requests depending on physical items are not available. To request a document supply please email library@gmit.ie




Staff using Moodle can link to online library resources using a permalink (static URL) to specific journal articles, e-books etc. See: Linking to library resources for further information.




Library Users should consult official GMIT communication channels for any updates on the campus closure. Any library-specific communications related to the closure will be made available through the library’s social media channels.


Stay safe!