When I arrived in Letterfrack back in September 2018 one of the first jobs I did was to attend a library strategy meeting on how to re-design, up-date and make the library a more interesting and attractive place to students.





My predecessor Malachy Higgins had started to arrange materials in a small area of the library and it was decided to continue his work and expand an area on our Mezzanine level and specifically designate it as a Materials Section. I sent an email to all staff in Letterfrack outlining the idea and asking for items that they picked up at conferences, company visits or anything usual that they may have collected along the way.


I have received a number of items such as wooden nails, a soundproofing tile made from preserved moss and wallpaper made from plants (my favourites are Alpine Hay and Lavender and Alpine Hay and Rose Petals). Part of the fun is waiting to see what will be dropped into the library to add to the collection.




We believe it will provide students with inspiration during their design processes and we hope to be able to continue to expand the section, making it a constant area of curiosity and inspiration for students and staff alike.



GMIT Letterfrack