Michael A. Reen donating copies of his new book to GMIT Librarian, Margaret Waldron.


Retired GMIT lecturer, Michael A. Reen kindly donated a number of copies of his newly published book ‘Three Pillars: education – science – industry’ to GMIT Libraries.

This book tells the story of the roles science and technology played as the Irish State was formed and the mammoth task of developing a modern technical and vocational education system was undertaken by the new government. It explores how important this was to the future wellbeing of the country. It begins with a great introduction to the origins of European education systems, contrasting and comparing the competing ideas and approaches as they developed and ideologies changed. In its examination of Craft, Science and Education, the tension and the elements of the dichotomy between scholars and craftsman is well delineated. The evolving part of science in education and industry is examined, and its role in the Industrial Revolution is explored in a fascinating way, highlighting the effects it had on small-scale enterprises and handicrafts in Ireland. — from back cover.