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Frequently Asked Questions




If you can’t find an answer to your question here please Ask a Librarian by email:, phone: 091-742785 or call in to your nearest library.



Q. How do I find a book on a particular topic?
A. To find books and other items in the Library, search the Library Catalogue.

Q. What is a Class number?
A. Each book, journal, video and other item in the library has a class number. A class number is like an address: it tells us where the book is located in the library. This number may also be referred to as the 'Shelf number', 'Call number' or 'Dewey number'. We use the Dewey Decimal Classification System to arrange books and other library materials by subjects. Because books are classified by subject, you can find related books on the same shelf, or nearby. To see how the Dewey Decimal Classification System works view the OCLC Multimedia Tour.

Q. If I am given a citation for an article how do I find the actual article?
A. There are a few options available. So first do a journal title search for the periodical in the Library Catalogue. For example, select Journal Title, type in the title of the journal, and click Search. We may have the article available in hard copy or electronically. If we have the article in hard copy check the shelf number, and holdings information. Go to the shelf number assigned and read or photocopy the article required. Electronically available journals may be viewed via the "Access online Resource" link from the catalogue record or by searching one of our databases. For some publications, only recent articles are available in fulltext online. Please note that the fulltext of older articles may only be available in print, although citations for the articles may be available electronically. If you fail to find the article required in the manner mentioned you will have to request the article by Inter-Library Loan.

Q. How do I renew the books I have checked out?
A. Books can be renewed online, by phone, or in person at the library desk.

Q. Does the library provide services for distance learning students?
A. Yes, the library strives to meet the special needs of students enrolled in distance learning classes. Most of the library resources, such as the library catalogue and research databases can be accessed from home. (For more details see our Distance Learning guide)

Q. How do I book a study room?
A. Group study rooms, located at the Galway campus can be booked for groups of two or more students online or at the library issue desk.



Q. What databases does the Library subscribe to?
A. Go to the library's 'Electronic Resources' page to view a full listing of databases the library subscribes to.

Q. Can I access databases from home?
A. Yes, if you an have Internet connection. Your Library PIN, along with your name and the barcode number from your GMIT ID or library card, allows you to use all the services on the library catalogue including accessing the databases from home. If you do not have a PIN, go to My Library Account. Use a four-digit number, which the system will confirm. If you have any difficulties with creating a PIN please see a member of staff.

Q. How do I know when to use one database over another?
A. Read the database descriptions provided in the alphabetical listing of databases from the Electronic Resources page or ask a member of staff for assistance.

Q. What is Adobe Acrobat Reader?
A. A piece of software which allow you to view PDF files. PDF is a file format that is used to electronically reproduce printed material. It is freely available @

Q. Can I get help if I am having problems accessing or searching a database?
A. Yes, contact Kathryn Briggs, Systems Librarian @ 091-742784, via email or call into the library.

Q. Is the full text available for all articles?
A. Most of the databases that the library subscribes to are combination databases (some articles are available in full text others only have citations and abstracts). Most search pages have an option to restrict your search to “full text” articles. For example, with Emerald you can specify that you are only looking for full text by clicking beside "Search only my subscribed journals" In Science Direct, we have access to the last 10 years of full text material. If the database is trying to charge you for a article after you have logged in with your PIN number, the full text is not available to you within the database you are searching. If you think you should be able to get the full text of an article but are not, please contact Kathryn Briggs on 091-742784


Exam Papers

Q. Where can I get past exam papers?
A. Past GMIT exam papers are available in the library in two formats.  Hardcopies of exam papers are available on the exam paper shelves on the Ground Floor of the Dublin Rd. library.  Electronic (PDF) copies of exam papers are available from for the last 5 years from

Q. How can I view exam papers online?
A. The last 5 years of exam papers are available online from To search exam papers on the library website you need to login with your name, GMIT ID card number and your library PIN.

Q. Can I download or print exam papers?
A. Yes. Once you have selected a paper you can view it on screen, download it or print it.

Q. Why is the quality of the exam paper(s) I printed illegible?
A. You used the browser print icon or file and print instead of the imaging software print icon. (See Exam paper guide for more information) .

Q. What do I do when the security warning box pops up?
A. Select 'Yes' and Press Enter.

Q. Why is the exam paper I am trying to view blank?
A. You did not tick 'YES' to the security warning box. If you click 'NO' or X out of the warning you will not be able to print out exam papers until you log off the PC and log in again.

Q. What if I can't find the exam paper I am looking for?
A. Ask library staff at the Information Desk for help. If you’re at home, contact us at 091-742785 or


My Library Account

Q. What can I do with My Library Account?
A. Use this facility to: check current loans and requests, see a list of previous loans, renew books, print exam papers, access subscribed databases.

Q. What is a PIN number and how do I get one?
A. Some functions on the Webpage require you to enter a PIN. A PIN is a four digit numerical number that you set up yourself, and that only you will know. Using your PIN is the same as signing your name. You need a PIN to renew or reserve books online, to view or print exam papers online, to request Inter-Library Loans online, to see what books you have checked out previously and to access subscribed databases.

If you do not have a PIN, go to My Library Account. Use a four-digit number, which the system will confirm. If you have any difficulties with creating a PIN please see a member of staff.

Q. What do I do if I forget my PIN?
A. If you have forgotten your PIN, you will need to go to the library issue desk and ask a member of staff to delete the current PIN so a new PIN can be created.



PCs, Wi-Fi and Printing

Q. Are there pc's available for student use in the Library?
A. Yes, the Dublin Road campus library has 85 pcs on the ground floor on open access. The IT room also have PCs for student use. The Mayo campus has 14 student pcs and computers are also available in CCAM and Letterfrack libraries.

Q. How do I log in to a pc in the Library?
A. You must be a registered student or staff member of GMIT. You log in with your college ID and password, available from IT centre staff during student registration.

Q. What do I do if I forget my password?
A. If you have forgotten your password, you will need to contact a staff member at the IT centre where it can be changed for you.

Q. What applications are available on student pcs?
A. All student pcs have Internet Explorer, Adobe Acrobat Reader and Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and MS Access in the most recent version as licensed by GMIT IT department.